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Organic Food Trade has used organic agriculture based on a selection of the best date palms within the varieties of Deglet Nour certified by CCPB, a renowned Italian certifying organisation. The production is labelled AB (Agriculture Bio).

Organic Food Trade has a proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality of Deglet Nour dates and this is combined with outstanding customer service and reliability.

Whatever the quality criteria – size, color, lack of blemishes, consistency, taste, shelf-life, and humidity retention – Organic Food Trade regularly achieves the highest marks in the industry.

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We provide best quality of Dates Powder

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Its made From Best Quality of Dates

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Deglet Nour Fresh Dates

The dates are carefully selected for maximum quality and are completely natural.

Full of natural goodness and uniquely beautiful, Deglet Nour Dates on branches come straight from Tunisian palm trees through a refreshing rinse, and right into the package .

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